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King Kom Beaux

“A Swamp Stompin’ Southern Rock Band, Steeped in Louisiana Cajun Influence brought up from Deep South Louisiana -  Launched in The Pacific Northwest.”

In 2014, well known Northwest drummer / band leader Billy-The Pocket-Barner conceptualized a unique new band idea he was to form with an edgy, driving, Cajun sound. To bring this dream band into fruition, Billy knew he needed a guitarist with a natural and strong Louisiana Cajun feel to his playing, and he knew exactly who that guitarist should be. Billy went to long time guitarist friend, Louisiana Native,Doug Kearney. Barner and Kearney had played together for well over a decade in a variety of different successful bands. Upon hearing from Billy, Kearney enthusiastically through in with Billy’s concept and the pair went to work molding this new band with the initial goal of going to Memphis Tennessee to participate in the Annual International Blues Challenge on Beale Street. 

After adding a bass player and many rehearsals and meetings developing a killer repertoire of original material and arrangements that were steeped in Louisiana Cajun rhythm and searing soloing and infectious danceability the band was formed and uniquely named King Kom Beaux. 

In January 2015, King Kom Beaux earned the right and privilege  of representing The State of Washington and The South Sound Blues Association at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis. The following January, King Kom Beaux performed on Beale Street competing against 288 of the best bands from around the world ending up as quarter finalists.

 How Billy and Doug met:
Drummer Billy Barner first met Guitarist Doug Kearney when they were both featured as guest artists at the highly profiled, highly recognized Raging Rive Jam, a multiple BB Award winning King County Jam Session hosted by Award winning bass player and Jam Host,Tommy Wall.  Billy and Doug clicked immediately from the first note they played together at that session. Barner instantly picked up on the strong Southern Cajun feel of (Louisiana native) Kearney’s playing.  And Kearney immediately recognized Barner’s instinctive Cajun and 2nd Line feel, solid pocket and his musicality as a drummer. This culminated in Barner and Kearney playing in many different bands together over the following decades. From it’s conception to today, King Kom Beaux has become a potent force on the Music Scene, performing in many popular cubs, at Music Festivals, Concerts, Private Parties and Corporate Events in and around The Pacific Northwest and beyond.

King Kom Beaux members are: Excerpts taken from individual Bio’s at  www,
Billy -The Pocket - Barner / Band Leader, Drummer, Vocalist :Started drumming at age 4. Successful Band Leader/Drummer of many bands from 1960's to present day. In 1971, Billy toured much of the US, and the Chittlin’ Circuit in the Deep South as drummer in his band backing ATCO R&B recording artist R.B. Greaves. In 2002 he received Summy Drummer of the Year Award, In 2006 he received WBS Best of Blues Award and has received 6 WBS Best of Blues Nominations.
Doug Kearney / Co- Leader, Guitarist, Vocalist, Song Writer, KKB Music Director: Born and raised in the heart of Louisiana. Started playing at age 10. At 18 he began working in bars, traveling the crawfish circuit, and doing concerts and festivals throughout Louisiana and Texas. 
Roger Wood / Keyboardist, Vocalist: Started as a child organist in his Fathers church in Tennessee. Began his professional career at the age of 16 by touring with the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and Dorothy Norwood on the Rolling Stone’s 1972 ‘STP’ U.S. tour. 
Dan Kopp / Bassist, Vocalist: Dan says he’s “been playing bass ever since the dead sea was only sick”. In his early years he was playing country music in several popular Seattle area bands, then was contracted via an agency out of Nashville to back stars of the television show Hee Haw. He says his true love is Blues and playing in King Kom Beaux. 
Benny Bostrom / Harmonica, Blues Harp Player: Has been around with the local blues and music scene for as long as he can remember. He was taken to his first blues jam at just eight years old and provided a harmonica just soon after, he was hooked. Many years were spent dabbling on the little instrument before taking it a bit more seriously and making a run at pushing the boundaries of what the instrument could do. Some of his notable influences and favorite harmonica players include Jason Ricci, Jerry Portnoy, and Big Walter Horton. 


“Servin’ Up A Heapin’ Mess O’ Louisiana Cajun Style Rock and Blues”

More information about King Kom Beaux can be found online at:  

  and at:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Bookings Contact:

Billy "The Pocket" Barner   (253) 732-0618


King Kom Beaux 2016
"Burn'n Through The South" Tour... A Huge Success

King  Kom Beaux (winner of the South Sound Blues Association Back to Beale Street Competition) was joined in Memphis Tennessee by many of our South Sound,   Seattle   and Washington State  friends for the 2016 International Blues Challenge and we had a ball together.   The competition was stiff this year, with 288 of the best Blues Bands from around the globe competing. King Kom Beaux advanced as  quarter finalists.  Everyone said we put on a hell of a good show at The Blues City Café.  Congratulations to The Delgado Brothers (who won the Challenge)  We heard  world class Blues all week and made many new friends.  King Kom Beaux performed at Jerry Lee Lewis' Club  on Beale Street  on Friday night and hosted   an all night Jam afterward until 4am.   We also performed at the Purple Haze on Thursday night and were joined by our friends Neal Fallen, Brian Feist and Doug Skoog on the set.  King Kom Beaux also  performed   at the Greater Puget Sound   Showcase at The 152 Club while in Memphis.  After the IBC ended, King Kom Beaux  drove  through  the Mississippi &   Louisiana bayou and played in Alexandria , LA at The Bayview Yacht Club and in downtown Baton Rouge at The Blues Room.  Two weeks of Great Blues, Great People and Great Food! Geaux King Kom Beaux!!

For better fidelity, use the head phones jack in your computer and earbuds or headset.

Le Bon Temps Roulette - King Kom Beaux
Le Fleur Rouge - King Kom Beaux
You Talk Tuff - King Kom Beaux
Texaco Blues - King Kom Beaux
Firecracker - King Kom Beaux




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